Endorsement Academy – pdf

Click on the pdf above to read about the Endorsement Academy program. I created this program for Denver Public Schools to decrease the achievement gap between English speaking students and Spanish speaking students. The program provided teachers the opportunity to earn an endorsement to teach general education courses solely in Spanish. Students with very limited English language skills were then able to transition into mainstream classes with English language supports over time.

SkillStore Learning Catalog – pdf

Click on the pdf above to view the catalog containing the modules I created for the SkillStore corporation. Each module is delivered over a mobile app and online and includes a video, summary, quiz, and scenario-based practice. Some modules also include a role-play as well. To view the mobile app in action, please visit the Corporate Instructional Design tab. This catalog displays my skills in organizing courses in a strategic manner to meet objectives.

Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health – pdf

Click on the pdf above to view a brochure of the REACH project. This is a curriculum that I developed when I managed a large grant for the Centers for American Indian and Alaskan Native Health at the University of Colorado Denver. The purpose of this grant was to develop policy, systems, and environmental programs through non-profit organizations across the country, and ultimately improve health and education conditions for the urban American Indian population.

This is a curriculum that I created for the Community College of Denver. In this curriculum, students gained skills in a game-type format, beginning with a Scavenger Hunt. The course teaches life and academic skills including test-taking strategies, goal-setting, and interview preparation. This was created in the Desire 2 Learn LMS.